Alfred C. Carey Prize in Spoken Word Poetry

Earlier this month, I received the 2010 Alred C. Carey Prize in Spoken Word Poetry for my poem, "When Everything Was Everything" from New York poet, playwright, and journalist Brandon Lacy Campos, who started the award to honor his Grandfather Alfred Charles Carey.

"I started this award to honor my Grandfather...[who] was a tremendous human being...a working class mixed race man of Irish and Ojibew descent. His Mother, Suzanna, was born on La Courte Oreilles Reservation in Wisconsin, and my grandfather worked his whole life as a roofer. He was a scion of one of the original families of Duluth, MN and he was the gentlest soul I have ever met. I love and honor my grandfather. He was, in many respects, the ideal male figure in my life, and I miss him dearly."

-Brandon L. Campos

To read "When Everything Was Everything," please visit My Feet Only Walks Forward

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