Soap Factory and Boston Progress Radio

Saymoukda hides secrets in trash bags...will come clean at the Soap Factory


with Saymoukda Vongsay and others

I keeps it movin' in the month of April with an upcoming show alongside Clive Murphy's inflated sculpture installation, "Almost Nothing". The creative folks at Talking Image Connection teams up with the Soap Factory. Never before has an artist occupied the entire gallery! If you dig subversive & avante garde art - don't miss this!

*photo credit: Magnan Projects


Saymoukda gets SHUFFLED!
Back in November of 2008, back when I was just a little youth, Boston Progress Radio tapped me on the shoulder for their weekly column, Shuffled! They make it their business that the ipod contents of artists from the APA community be known. I feel like a celebrity to be in the company of Ishle Yi Park, Staceyann Chin, Blue Scholars, David Mura, Catzie Vilayphonh, etc...

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