Me Going To Robert McKee Seminar!

The Loft Brings Robert McKee's Story Seminar to the Upper Midwest for the First Time ... and I've got myself a spot, front and center!
~September 29 - October 2~

"The Loft Literary Center in association with the Minnesota Film and TV Board, IFP Minnesota, The Playwrights' Center, The Screenwriters' Workshop, and MCTC, brings Robert McKee's world-famous Story Seminar to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul." -loft.org

I'm really excited to attend this seminar!!! Robert McKee is a MASTER at storytelling. His seminars have sold out worldwide - screenwriters, actors, directors, authors, etc. all scramble to get a spot in the 4-day morning til night seminars and I am so lucky that I will be able to take part and gobble up everything he'll be teaching. This will probably be better than any MFA program *cough cough*.

note to self: buy a brand spanking new quality notebook for notebook will turn into a literary bible because apparently McKee's words be like gospels (yea, das rite, i pluralized dat.)

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