Brown Bag Luncheon with Southern MN Poets Society

Brown Bagged by Southern Minnesota Poets Society - Big XOXO to Sherry Quan Lee

The Southern MN Poets Society has invited me as a featured artist for this month's Brown Bag Luncheon Series and I am honored!

"No Regrets: Sharing Our Stories Without Fearing the Consequences," will focus on my experiences as a spoken word poet who oftentimes perform pieces which are proscribed by society as indecent or improper. As a writer, I don't want to feel as though I have to walk on egg shells, so I stomp the grounds and speak my intrinsic truths, regardless of how my stories will be received. Yaheard!? (i know, my grammar is pretty bad, aint it?)

I have Sherry Quan Lee to thank because initially, she was scheduled to give her workshop, "Writing That Saves Lives," but due to circumstances she encouraged me to take her place. Sherry is a writer, teacher, mentor, and the author of the books, Chinese Blackbird, and How To Write A Suicide Note: Serial Essays That Saved A Woman's Life. One of her poems inspired me to write an entire collection of poetry. Thats how amazing she is!

Her work is available on Amazon.com

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